1963 built N-model squareback

Product no.: t3hq1963Nsquareback

Put this one aside to finish it one day...

I've imported this patina monster from California in 2014. But spent most of his life in New Mexico (Lincoln County)! Earliest known N variant! From my private collection

The car was built shortly after the introduction of the N model in August 1963. Delivered to France,
the car found its way to the USA relatively quickly, where it got a serious sunburn!
Patina that only develops under the hot desert sun! The French origin is proven by the typical (only installed in France)
reflectors and the typical horns on the bumper.

In the US it has become somewhat individualized over the years. A short collar bolt axle with disc brakes was installed, as was a short rear axle with bucket drums! In this way, maximum depth and wide rims are possible - not for everyone, which is why we are converting to a DogBack system, which has proven itself several times!

A sheet metal damage in the front right was only dented, not filled or painted over. You can clearly see the tracks there.
The car still has the early Mickey Mouse front apron and the stick to keep to hood open . Surface rust en masse!
The engine (overhauled in the USA) was supposed to be original and ran when it arrived!
Exhaust and heat exchanger are good. I never drove the car and put it away straight away.

All N-typical features are available, which means that the search for them is practically impossible!
Apparently the car came with the hinged windows in the passenger area...

The car was bought in 2014 to add to my collection (oldest known N variant). Since the collection has been redesigned in the meantime, I'm not necessarily sticking with the car. He's very special about how you look.

US Tilte and customs clearance certificate are of course available!
After I recently had to hear on the phone that the car was "junk", I'll go into detail here for those who also think so,
or who have never carried out such a restoration!

The body and the floor were separated, 2 new floor halves were welded in and the whole pan were painted in black in and outside..

The body was at the professional metl beater and everything was repaired like it original was the repainted those areas.
In such a way that it matches the patina again.

Front beam and airride is from DogBack beam performance.

The rim theme has not yet been decided.

The seats and the bench are from the saddler and will be reupholstered in cord brown like the original so that it is also chic.
Side panels remain original. Dashboard (one without cracks) is ready to went in.

All window seals are new, with the old (matching) chrome frames.

The car cost me €10,000 with shipping and taxes included.

2800€ for the restoration of the chassis with new floor pan halves, sandblasting and painting.

6500 € the welding of the body with touch-up paint.

2000 € the airride.

1900 € the 4.5x17 and 7x17 Fucks lookalike Rims

This is not a cheap resto, but made with high quality .... to finish with the personal taste of the buyer.
16k Euros as is, without dogBack stuff and 17' Fuchs-lookalike wheels

inspection by appointment! Vehicle can be delivered for a surcharge and prior payment!
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