1969 Notchback with Sunroof and other extra's

Product no.: T3HQ69stufe

Not available anymore

1969 Notchback in rare color chinchilla L90D with original sunroof option.
Car is loaded with extras like:

perfectly working sunroof
vw-logo'd mudflaps
emergency switch
VW dealership added and adjustable headrest's in original seat's
HÜLS seat recliners
backing light
fog light
rhs door mirror
Eberspächer BA4 gas heater hidden above the gearbox (because of german laws not connected)

Uncracked and perfect dash, door cards and headliner
Carpet and seat covers are in original and in very good conditions
Radio, domelight and clock are in working order
Clean trunk liners
Speedo show's 50789km (less than 32000mls) - the interior and state of the car tell's me this could be the original milage!

Engine starts and runs, gearbox shift's well.

New parts:
Brake calipers and rear wheel brake cylinder and brake shoes
4 new brake hoses
4 FEBI ball joints
4 FEBI tie rod ends
Steering damper

The rhs inner fender support was replaced, the little rust underneath was repaired professionally.
The lhs inner fender (in spare wheel area) was completely replaced because of badly former accident repairs here.
The Spare wheel carrier was removed of the car to do this repairs in the best way.. We replaced it with a NOS one to have a superstraight front end!

NOS rhs fender added!
All parts was repainted, except the roof and the areas where the air vent grille's are.

Some window seals should be exchanged - still all the originials mounted!

Very nice chrome all around!
Engine makes some noise from a bearing i think. It starts and runs, but makes uncommon noises.
International buyers welcome! I can help with worldwide shipping. We've exported cars to the US, Japan and Chile already an we've sold type3's all over europe.

We dont know what's needed for registration in your country. But it's possible - please ask your local athorities or do a search at thesamba webpage.

Price of 16900€ does not include transport to the port, shipping, custom and all the needed paperwork, loading or shipper fee's - Price is for the car only!


Selling cars is by the law of differential taxation §25a UStG

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