1964 safaribeige notchback survivor

Product no.: T3HQ64safNot


This is what the type 3 community would call a survivor.
A unmolested, matching numbers notchback built in may 1964 and delivered to Berlin at the 1st of June (like the VW birth certificate tells). Not a restored car!

Unfortunately the trace was lost until 1987when it appears in Hamm close to the Ruhr area. It went into the collection of the owner of a VW dealership where the last owner bought it in 2011. The beauty got everything what’s needed to get back to the German roads in 2012, but it was rarely driven to keep the mileage low.
Unfortunately nobody knows when the car was repainted in the original color (not a A plus paintjob, but was'nt done at a driveway neither). The usual palces looks clean! I’ve noticed the left front fender were replaced. The speedometer shows a little more than 53 thousand kilometers and I believe it’s the original mileage if I look at the details of the interior!

The dash, armrests and door panels has no cracks, the carpet is still the original one.
Seat covers are immaculate, beside of one area at the passenger’s seat/top and a water stain at the backseat.
The rubber Mats (front and rear) are still in place and mostly intact.
Original headliner is still in very nice shape.
Front trunk liner is amazing, the original spare tire is still there. Check out the original ‚mickey mouse‘ front apron and the spare wheel area in general. This is amazingly preserved!
Same in the rear trunk, the original liners are unmolested, the mat underneath shows it’s age.
The engine is the original one and starts at the point. For road use it needs just a service.
Brake and fuel hoses needs to be replaced for safety reasons!
Tie rod ends and ball joints looks like theyre the OG ones! I think the tie rod ends should be relaced.
I drove the car up and down my street for a little check.
There are some dents and scratches around the car. Some stone chips at the front. But hey… we don’t look like 20 also!

Chrome: front bumper has some pitting between the overriders, the rear one is very nice.
Door handles are a bit pitted (no open spots) also but everything belongs to a 60 year old surviving car. Door mirror arm is pittet (as usual)
Headlight beauty rings are polished now and shows deep original chrome, same like the reflector bases and taillight bases. Reflectors has the aluminum rings.

Three things has to be mentioned:
there was a aftermarket mirror bolted to the passenger door, there are two holes.
The paintjob was done with the fender beadings in place.
At a area in the rear (left top corner of the bonnet and a little area at the rear left fender) there are some tiny bubbles (my painter said there was moisture in the primer). An issue whilst prepping for the paintjob 2 or 3 decades ago. Car isn’t cleaned yet. Some like the dusty patine.

This fabulous early notchback comes as is, 1 key for ignition lock and 1 key for both doors included, and newer EU-paperwork issued in 2014 + the birth certificate of Volkswagen (2012).

I‘ll answer further questions as good as I can. Please ask.

I can assist with shipping overseas, doing the german customs things for example and deliver it to the the Grafenwöhr training area. The last car we've sent to the USA was delivered by us to the "lager" for transport to Bremerhaven for shipping.
Transport and shipping fee's not included - overseas shipping needs organised and charged by the buyer.


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