Pair of nice armrests 61-63, used condition

Product no.: T3HQ8G61A171/172

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650.00 / pair(s)
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This is a nice pair of armrests 61-63 in used condition. Color 469 anthracite. 

We've removed them from a pair of matching doors. They are very nice, but in a 100% perfect condition. 

We haven't cleaned them yet to keep the patina (some like it this way). 

One could be slightly discolored from the sun and it has a pressure mark, but hey .. how often got a pair offered? Yes, very rarely. 

The lhs one has a damage at the rear end (see pics) - but once the door is closed, it's not visible anymore. 

We are not going to sell them separately!

OEM-Nr.: 311 861 171 A / 311 861 172 A

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