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We are still online and working on your orders. We ship daily and worldwide!

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Hello everybody. If you want to order parts as a registered customer and the adress check does not work - please order as a "guest"... The provider has'nt any clue why, but they'll check everything now...


** ** NEWS -  New incoming products will be found in the "New's" category from now on  - NEW'S ** **

You'll be up to date of new arrivals! After a set period, these parts will be removed from the "New's" to have a better overview.







We ship worldwide!  We accept paypal!  Important information for foreign customers:

European customers please use the webshop. Overseas customers drop us a mail - we can handle your orders manually - no problem. Drop us a mail to: info@type3headquarter.de

For questions.... Occupy the form with your mail adress, the subject and your message. We will get in contact with you as soon as possible.**